Giving back to the community is a company-wide initiative.

The oil and gas industry provides an array of benefits to local communities in the form of job creation, increased tax revenues on the local, state and federal level, upward income mobility, and reduced energy costs for consumers.

In addition to these benefits, GeoComp Energy believes that giving back to the community is an essential exercise in social responsibility, and we encourage our leadership and employees to embrace this philosophy.

Our goal is to create a collective sense of solidarity and a shared purpose amongst our team members, our neighbors and the community at large through volunteer work and other charitable activities.

In particular, GeoComp Energy welcomes charitable inquiries from non-profits and community organizations involved with the following:

  • Youth & Education
  • Emergency Response
  • US Veteran Relations & Causes

If your organization is interested in aligning its efforts with those of the GeoComp Energy team, contact us by calling (737) 932-8000.