GeoComp Energy is an independent exploration and production company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

For nearly two decades, the team behind GeoComp Energy has maximized oil and gas production opportunities throughout Oklahoma and the Mid-Continental Region. GeoComp Energy formed as an expansion of GeoComp Data Services, bringing together an elite team of oil and gas professionals.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, GeoComp Energy’s robust technical staff combines an innovative outlook with a scientific approach and a rigorous due-diligence process to minimize drilling risks, and enhance the company’s track record of success.

The company is currently looking to expand its production portfolio by drilling low-risk oil wells in proven oil fields, capitalize on current crude prices, and create improved return on investment for the company and its investors.

Led by Cody Davis, who has served as an executive for several oil and gas companies, GeoComp Energy’s leadership team and staff maintains the highest standards of technical excellence, and believes strongly in giving back to the communities where we work, live and operate.