Areas of Focus

Areas of Activity-01

GeoComp Energy owns interest in producing oil and gas wells in Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana and Texas.

GeoComp allocates significant time, energy, and capital toward ensuring that production from each well is optimized, and also targets specific assets for expansion or divestiture.

The company has expanded its technical staff exponentially to support its producing assets and increased activity in the Mid-Continent region.  Geologist Kurt Rottman, along with Petroleum Engineers Mike Butler and Patrick Garbutt, amass over 80 years of combined experience in exploration and operations in the Mid-Continent region.

Based on GeoComp personnel’s expertise and experience, the company has targeted specific areas in Central Oklahoma for mature field redevelopment. By targeting proven oil and gas reservoirs, GeoComp believes it has the potential to grow its production portfolio exponentially by drilling low-risk oil wells that take advantage of current commodity prices.

Although the increased focus on unconventional resource plays has led to an oil and gas renaissance in the U.S., conventional oil and gas reservoirs present a profitable niche and lucrative opportunity for GeoComp Energy and investors. By avoiding some of the initial costs associated with horizontal wells and hydraulic fracturing, mature oil field redevelopment can create a much higher return on investment compared to shale oil and gas production.

To complement its mature field redevelopment projects, GeoComp remains diversified by utilizing its technical staff and industry network to both generate and screen additional prospects. While the company’s exploration focus remains on the Mid-Continent region, GeoComp’s technical staff has experience with prospect identification and screening in many regions throughout the United States.